Cool & simple visual tools for autistic kids

They will SAVE YOUR TIME and (even better) SANITY. These tools are created by the mom of an absent-minded soccer champion & Rubik's cube magician and a wildly creative fashonista & ballet dancer. The Emotiblots® already helped them and 1,000+ other kids to become happier by making them feel “in the loop”. Try our tools and get ready for meltdown-free days with happy kids.

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Wooden Schedule Magnets

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From frequent meltdowns to calm & happy kids

IMAGINE THIS: You're already wearing a jacket in the hallway, where you've just tripped stepping on a sneaker. Its insole is thrown over your shoe.

You quickly pick everything up while you ask your child for the fifth time to put his sweater on because you're leaving. Like he didn't even hear you for the first four times, he suddenly melts down in anger, saying he's not going anywhere.

Even though you're about to go to his favourite restaurant. He doesn't have any reason to act like this: he was even happy when you told him half an hour ago that you're having lunch there.

Then you realise that it's always like this when something unexpected happens, even if it's a good thing.

"Autistic kids often don't like surprises or random events. They often can't communicate their anxious feelings caused by a sudden change."

You read about this before, so the week after, you download and print a few schedule cards and put the schedule out every day.

Maybe it's not as spontaneous as you like it, but then you realise that it's even easier for you to plan your days this way.

And because seeing the schedule makes your child much calmer, you even have time to talk through his feelings that came up that week. He tells you that he feels more secure this way, and it even helps him focus on his homework.

Is it familiar? Or you're not there yet? Take a look at the Emotiblots schedule and emotion cards. Maybe they help to make your days go a bit calmer with fewer meltdowns.

Printable Cards

“I use the Emotiblot cards occasionally as a special education teacher, and I love their aesthetic, simplicity and how nice they are. With my colleague we're also looking forward to fill the printable calendars every month.”

Sophie, Special Education Teacher

“I work with therapy dogs as a trainer. I meet and work with many kinds of children during my practice. We have started to use the cards in daycare and autistic groups. Both groups love them and they’re always looking forward to work with them!”

Flora, Therapy Dog Trainer

“I use the schedule cards with my 7 and 8 years old sons. The monthly calendar helps me in everyday tasks.”

Suzy, Graphic Designer

“I work as a special ed teacher in a Childcare Center. I’m teaching autistic children too, and these beautiful pictures come in handy.”

Mariann, Special Education Teacher