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Goodbye Meltdowns.

Using well designed visual tools & building a deep, fulfilling relationship with your autistic child is the best way to say bye to meltdowns and step into patient parenting. Using visual schedules is one way to reduce anxiety in autistic children, leading to fewer meltdowns. Try our schedule cards and join more than 1000 meltdown-free families.

Hello Calmness.

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What are the Emotiblots?

The Emotiblots® are friendly, gender-neutral characters who make our tools unique. Kids instantly relate to them, and they make schedules and social stories fun and familiar.

“I use the Emotiblot cards occasionally as a special education teacher, and I love their aesthetic, simplicity and how nice they are. With my colleague we're also looking forward to fill the printable calendars every month.”

Sophie, Special Education Teacher

“I work with therapy dogs as a trainer. I meet and work with many kinds of children during my practice. We have started to use the cards in daycare and autistic groups. Both groups love them and they’re always looking forward to work with them!”

Flora, Therapy Dog Trainer

“I use the schedule cards with my 7 and 8 years old sons. The monthly calendar helps me in everyday tasks.”

Suzy, Graphic Designer

“I work as a special ed teacher in a Childcare Center. I’m teaching autistic children too, and these beautiful pictures come in handy.”

Mariann, Special Education Teacher

Wooden Schedule Magnets

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