Cute & Simple Visual Tools for Autistic Kids

They will save your time and sanity. Schedule cards, schedule magnets & illustrated social stories, created by the mom of two awesomely unique children. The Emotiblots™ characters already helped 1,000+ kids to become happier by making them feel “in the loop”. Get ready for meltdown-free days with happy kids.

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Illustration by Freepik Storyset

Wooden Schedule Magnets

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From frequent meltdowns

Has your child ever had a meltdown without any visible reason? We also know these well. There can be a lot of reasons behind them, but sometimes it’s “only” because things don’t happen the way our kids expect them to happen. And autistic children aren’t usually fond of sudden changes. Sensory overload and mental fatigue also play a huge role in meltdowns, so it's good to help them with visuals. 

To calm & happy kids

Autistic children need more clues during the day so they understand how events follow each other. Knowing what's coming next gives them an extra layer of safety. For this, you can use the magnets, or the printable schedule cards. It’s usually also difficult for them to decode emotions, but practice makes better. Give the printable emotion cards a try too!

“I use the Emotiblot cards occasionally as a special education teacher, and I love their aesthetic, simplicity and how nice they are. With my colleague we're also looking forward to fill the printable calendars every month.”

Sophie, Special Education Teacher

“I work with therapy dogs as a trainer. I meet and work with many kinds of children during my practice. We have started to use the cards in daycare and autistic groups. Both groups love them and they’re always looking forward to work with them!”

Flora, Therapy Dog Trainer

“I use the schedule cards with my 7 and 8 years old sons. The monthly calendar helps me in everyday tasks.”

Suzy, Graphic Designer

“I work as a special ed teacher in a Childcare Center. I’m teaching autistic children too, and these beautiful pictures come in handy.”

Mariann, Special Education Teacher