Dreams first, goals next

Do you know what's on my mind for a few years by now? That I used to have dreams, and I also used to write them down. And they became reality. Somehow in these crazy, running years I forgot about my dreams. But I have them, and I will write them out here now, shout them in the silence of this white surface, to let them be free and find their way.

So here they go

My first and foremost dream is to work as an illustrator, in a sunny studio, where everything has its place, and where I can live in my dreamworld. In that studio I would have a printing press, as that's the other big dream of mine. And I'd use it for my personal projects, while experimenting with techniques and tools. In my dream there's also a cat. I used to say that I'm both a cat and a dog person, but I think I'm rather the first. In this dream of mine I don't struggle to make ends meet as an illustrator, so I'm very calm and patient. I choose my projects, and I love all of them. Naïve, I know, but that's what dreams are for. I only have to remember to notice when I'm there. Many years ago I wrote down a dream like this, about Paris. A totally crazy one, that wasn't realistic at all. And a few years after that, while sitting in a mansard above Paris, where I was living at that moment, I realised that it was all written down once before. That was my last big dream. I was daydreaming about it on so many days. So here it is. I was clueless for a while, didn't know where do I want my life to go. But in these past two years I'm getting more and more assured, that I'm an illustrator deep inside. That drawing is my main thing, and if I'm given enough time, I can do whatever I dream about. I also dream about our little family. I dream about a happy childhood (and life) for my kids, and a lot of sun for all of us. I dream about a slow, happy and healthy life - who doesn't? I hope my son's magic wand that asks me sometimes about my dreams, will hear me and help me out. Because I need new dreams soon, these ones are on their way now!