Elise and the girls, or mid-march momentum hunt

Here I am, with a quick post about how things are going with me, and as I promised, a bit more on Elise Blaha. These are mainly notes for myself, but maybe there's something interesting here for you as well.

It's mid-March, and I'm still stuck a little bit in the beginning of the year mode, which is quite annoying. It means I haven't found my momentum yet, and I hate being in a state of waiting for it. There's always an excuse of course, but I'd like to be a little bit more productive in every aspect of my life than I am nowadays.


When I have this feeling I often turn to Elise, a creator I admire a lot. She is a young mom of two, living in the United States. She seems to have endless energy and momentum, and she inspires me every day. Unfortunately sometimes it doesn't show at all, but she really is inspiring. I couldn't tell you what she does, go and check her instagram. She creates things. All. The. Time. She's writing a book at the moment, but she also has a planner (which I'm trying out right now), and a continuous urge to create things. I love her transparent and energetic personality that shows in everything she does. Yes, we are always reminded that people's life is much more than what they show us on social media, but she really does seem to me like she has it all. And not because she's perfect, but because of her contagious energy.

Yesterday she posted about a few books that have changed her life, so I've decided to jump on them, and start this year's reading with them. Here they are, I hope you also find some good read. I also realised that I'm again spending too much time on consuming stuff online (instagram is my time-waster), so it'll be a good way to ditch the phone. There's of course a very good reason I'm using my phone much more lately, and I really wanted to write about that too...

The Girls

A few weeks ago my secondary school classmates started to organise a twenty-year-reunion. We started to chat more and more, until nine of us have formed a little "girly" chat group, which quickly became my everyday drug. We reconnected so quickly, and we created something very intimate and beautiful in a matter of just a week or two. It's been a very long time since I felt this good in "company", and though in one hand it makes my heart very, very happy, on the other it makes me a little bit sad, because I'm so far away from these beautiful relationships - physically. Once again in my life I realise that keeping an interesting and loving relationship going takes a lot of time and energy if it is based on typing your thoughts out multiple times a day (and reading others' in the meantime). I absolutely love this connection, but I admit that I have to regulate it a little, so I'm not that ad hoc when it comes to the usage of my phone. 

Going Home

And because I told you this story, I also have to mention, that in May I'm going home for the reunion!! This is something I'm waiting for like Christmas when I was a kid. Not only because I will travel alone and I feel like I really need some me time, but because I will meet these beautiful ladies, and because I'll finally be able to go wakeboarding with my brothers again. These four days will be the charger of my year for sure. I think you can see how much I miss home and the relationships with my favourite human beings. There must be a solution for this on the long run, and I'm working on it.

Finding that momentum

Something else that's quite important is that learning from last year's mistakes I'm trying to reorganise my priorities. Though I drew a lot in the beginning of last year, I became really exhausted, even when I gained a lot of energy from doing what I love the most. I have to admit that I don't have enough spare time to... well, spare, and that our relationship, our kids and my health worth lot more than my instant happiness that comes from drawing and creating. I somehow have to find a healthy balance, and I dedicate this year to that quest. I still draw, even if not every day. I've started a second illustration course, mainly for having three hours a week when I can draw uninterruptedly, so the other nights can be spent in bed, sleeping enough. That's a thing that I'd been lacking for quite a few years by now, and I think my body had enough of it. Icelandic winters surely don't help, neither the flu I got two weeks ago, but I feel like I've started to get a little bit back of my real, rested self. 

Exciting event

Though I have to mention, that at school I've been invited to participate in an illustration fair in April, and I will have to have a few sleepless nights until then to be able to put something out there. And it's exciting. I've sent five of my last-year-portraits to print, and waiting for the letterpress cards (it's very, very exciting), and I also plan to finalize my rabbit cut (yes!), my painting, and also create another drawing that's in my head for many months by now. So it's possible that for this short period I will once again turn into a zombie, But it's only for a month. 


So the takeaway of this whole thing is to be more patient, yet energetic; consume less and create more; sleep enough; focus on people around you and let go of things to be able to do all of these at once. 

Have a great week,