Because writing is essential. I’ve been writing since I was fourteen. On different platforms, in different styles. Pursuing my dreams I've resuscitated my creative vein, and it has to come with writing. So many ideas, so many thoughts cross my mind during the creative process that I've started to feel insane lately. I need to organise and store these ideas somewhere to empty my head enough to fill it up again with new ones. 

The word "thinkbreak" means two seemingly controversial things:

  1. A break during the day, when I sit down to think and write about my thoughts. Because writing is comforting.
  2. A break from thinking. I often over-think things, so I need to stop thinking about them. But because writing helps getting my crazy and overwhelming thoughts together, I can get rid of them from my head while still having them “on paper”, well organised.

Of course there will be more objective, article-like posts here as well about my working process, but I think "thinkbreak" also covers those, as they will be about things I’m thinking about a lot.

So welcome everyone, enjoy!