5 things that makes building a business easier


If your answer was yes, think about where you stand in building your business right now.

  • What kind of struggles do you have daily/weekly/monthly?

  • What was the best thing that you've learnt about business lately?

I've been quiet these days, because I'm also working on my business. (It's probably the first time I'm "saying this out loud"). And I'd like to share a few useful things I've come across in this past year or so. It seems that things are clicking in their right places at the moment, and it feels great. I wish all of you, who are in the same situation, could feel like this.

So here's the list for boosting your productivity while keeping your sanity:

1. Goal Setting: Elise & her Get to Work Book


I already wrote about Elise before, but I can't emphasize her awesomeness enough. On her instagram account (@elisejoy) she had shared one day of her life in her story. Please check it out (day in the life - a saved story), and let her inspire you like no one else before. Her momentum is contagious, and that piece of story shows you how much can be done in a day if you're focused enough. Goal setting is her thing, so check her out if you need some quality help with that. She also has a planner, called "Get to Work Book". I gave it a try in January, ordered a July-June version, and I'm in love with it (already have my next one ready for the next 12-month-period). Together with a planning method (which I'm also going to talk about) I found the duo that's working for me finally.

2. Planning: The 15-minute Weekly Planner


This goes hand in hand with my previous suggestion, but I wanted to have it separate, because it works on its own as well. A while ago I've found a podcast called Courage & Clarity (will write about it later, too). It's created by Steph Crowder, who also has a weekly planning method, that's clean and simple. She'll have a 5-day free challenge, starting on 23rd of July, if you'd like to try the method with her guiding. Check out her website, and get the method now - see if it works for you. One thing that I have to add: like every good solution, it only works if you're willing to make some effort. Get the momentum from Elise, and do it!



As I mentioned before, Steph has a podcast. And it's brilliant. If you need some encouragement, listen to a few episodes. It's a podcast (mainly) with interviews that focuses on two halves:

  1. One called Courage, because it takes a ton of courage to find your vision

  2. And one called Clarity, because bringing a vision into the real world requires a crystal clear process (written in her own words, taken from her website).

Here's her introduction in the beginning of the show, that tells you what these interviews are about:

"Real honest stories from online business builders. These entrepreneurs had the gumption to go for it, and they're brave enough to share what it takes
to earn an independent living doing something you love."

Her new Business Wisdom series is also a great place to find answers to your questions about building a business.



I heard about Fizzle in Steph's podcast and I'm giving it a try right now. It's a site where you can learn about business in a very good pace, using a terrific interface. You can also talk to the community to not feel so lonely, and get some advice too. I like how goofy, yet knowledgeable the creators are, and I like the fact that this isn't another bullshirt "buy this and we'll teach you how to cold call people" I have bumped into a lot lately. I like how well structured and free of fluff it is. I'm quite new to it, so I will talk about it later for sure, but you should try it too. Let me know if you did!


I know it's impossible to do everyhting at the same time. I can't do it either (I tried, believe me). And I still have to make peace with it. But with the help of these brilliant people I've found a way to get there. I have a dream, and I know I'm making it happen, one day at a time. You can do it too!

Tell me about your methods and solutions. What works for you? What didn't?