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Overcoming procrastination

I hope you had a wonderful week and you could avoid what I could only manage by the middle of the week. Last week I was working a lot on the Advent Calendar and on moving my email list. A lot of unforeseen tasks made me work long hours. I had managed to sleep more by the end of the week, but on Monday I had an old, but unexpected visitor.


After every bigger project comes a period when I'm useless. It's a good idea to spend some time with rest in this case, and leave some room for getting myself back together, but I often forget about this. And then projects are slipping while I'm staring into space. It was still hard to do anything on Tuesday, but then I saw this instagram post.

Source: @just.drawing.words | Sonia

Source: @just.drawing.words | Sonia

When I swiped through it, I decided to check my calendar (where I had already listed all the todo's for the week on Sunday) choose ONE thing I felt like doing, and complete it. It helped me stepping out of that strange, dreamy state and getting my thoughts together again.

The Emotiblots™ Calendars are perfect for this. But please, Don't forget to plan some downtime either. If you do, you probably jumpstart your week with a fresh momentum. Sign up to the newsletter to get this month's printable calendar right away (and then the new one every month). 

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