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Indoor game ideas

When I was cleaning leftover crumbs from the plates into the trash on Wednesday evening, my mind was wandering. Do I have presents for everyone? Then an exciting thought pushed itself through the racing ones:

Do you remember your childhood presents?

Because at that moment I realised that except for one or two special ones I didn't. Do you know what I do remember? I remember playing Ludo with my mom for hours. Creating plaster casts with my dad. Silently laughing until it hurt with my mom while waiting at the dentist. Trying one of my Christmas presents with my neighbour friend: a dial phone toy that worked through rooms (this was in the times when nearly no one we know had a landline). I remember when our family Christmas dinners at my grandparents' turned into a parody event, where everyone was crying of laughter. Or when we begged to my grandma to take her fake teeth out to make everyone laugh, and she did, so we were all rolling on the floor. I remember the stuffing I hated; the old and dusty meringue rings on their fake Christmas tree, that we recklessly tasted every single year; the fondant; the pies and the ruddy way home late at night, when we believed we were falling asleep in such a euphoria because of all the presents we'd got. How wrong we were! The memory of those presents has long vanished. Those other memories? They make me cry - right now.

Exupéry wrote in my favourite book, Wind, Sand and Stars: "... there is only one true luxury, that of human relationships." I quoted this million times before, and I will do so even more.

I want to give myself (first of all) to my children this Christmas, again. I created the monthly calendar two years ago, and lately, we haven't been using it in the way I had planned it in the beginning. Time has been slipping through our fingers. I was scrolling Instagram more than I played board games with my kids. I was "very busy" with "just a second, I put these away in no time" way too many times. I, of course, have a brain as smooth as a ping pong ball by the end of the day sometimes, and all I want to do is to stare the flying molecules in the air. For which we can't blame any parent. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. But I feel like I'm squandering the most expensive memory-moments.

So now - once again at Christmas - we are getting back on track. I show you how. But first, I'd like to ask you to close your eyes, and imagine that it's the fifth day of winter holidays in school, and your kids are jumping on your head. You already built three snowmen, threw snowballs at each other and you'd been to skating two times. Get those board games out! Nah, they are also dull by now. There have to be things beyond watching TV and playing on the tablet even when we're staying home.

Let's see! I have collected 10+1 for ourselves, and now I share them with you. Some of them are our favourites, but we haven't tried all of them either, so it'll be exciting for us too. Download them here.

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