We know the easiest way for dealing with meltdowns, because... – Zita Major

We know the easiest way for dealing with meltdowns, because...

Our family

...after our son, Aron, was diagnosed as autistic at the age of 5, many puzzle pieces had clicked into place. It turned out, that his first meltdowns at age 3 weren’t caused by jealousy towards his newborn sister, but because of his sudden feeling of uncertainty, when our focus shifted away from him and his usual routine, what’s disastrous for autistic children.

I started to paint schedule cards, to make sure Aron feels safe and happy. Since then, these cards have helped more than 1000 kids to become happier by making them feel “in the loop”.

I'm an illustrator & graphic designer living in Iceland with Peter, a photographer and carpenter and with our two very special children: Aron (9) & Hanna (6).
I also have ADHD. My brain is an unstoppable thinking engine, and sometimes it's difficult to focus. And I might forget things. Often. The Emotiblots project has not only brought peace into our son's life. It is something I truly LOVE working on, therefore I can hyper-focus on it endlessly. I've just started sharing this part of me lately, so be prepared to read more about it in the Emotiblogs.

Peter is the one who takes all the photos, and he also helps me in every way he can so I can forget about things and create. This way we can provide you with the best possible products.
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